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Revolutionary ultrasound diagnostics in dentistry

Alveolar Transmission Ultrasound or Trans Alveolar Ultrasound Diagnostics, which is being implemented in CaviTAU®, is an imaging procedure in dentistry. This ultrasound diagnostic is necessary for the early detection and treatment of jawbone with low bone density, such as in areas of ischemic osteonecrosis.

In terms of the legally prescribed duty of care, CaviTAU® can be used as a non-invasive and cost-effective adjuvant for medical indication in the event of the following procedures:

  • suspicion of jawbone necrosis with chronic facial pain
  • suspicion of jawbone necrosis with immunological and tumour diseases
  • To protect the resilient bone during implantations to ensure the success of dental implants.

Application examples:

Why is it so difficult to diagnose fatty-degenerative osteolysis / osteonecrosis in the jawbone (FDOJ)?

The problem: On X-ray images, the bone dissolution of FDOJ areas cannot be determined with certainty. Suspected sites in the jaw can be confirmed or excluded with CaviTAU®. From the sum total of anamnesis, X-ray image OPG, X-ray image CBCT, lymphatic-palpatory findings and the CaviTAU® bone density measurement, you can finally get an idea of whether surgical intervention on the jaw is necessary.

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