The brand new book from Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) med. dent. Johann Lechner!

Startseite News The brand new book from Dr. Dr. (PhD-UCN) med. dent. Johann Lechner!

Visualization of the cavity-forming osteolyses in the jawbone with sonography

What does this Band IV show on 304 pages?

Band IV describes radiation-free imaging for maxillo-mandibular osteoimmunology and with CaviTAU® measuring images, the expected bone marrow defects in the jaw are finally objectively visible and comprehensible.

  • With more than 200 multi-colored images for the interpretation of CaviTAU® ultrasound measurements of bone density in the jaw
  • Over 560 literature qoutes to the scientific background

After Band I 2011, Band II 2015 Band III 2019 in the series “Cavity-forming osteolyses of the jawbone” now see Band IV in 2020.

These four books by the author Dr.Dr. (PhD-UCN) J. Lechner with the collaboration of Prof. JE. Bouquot and Dr. V. von Baehr with a total of more than 800 colored illustrations and over 1,500 literature qoutes establish the new therapy and research branch of a “Maxillo-Mandibular Osteoimmunology” on 1,100 pages.

Extending far beyond any X-ray diagnostics, Band IV describes in detail the newly developed ultrasound device CaviTAU® in Germany for visualizing the cavity-forming osteolyses in the jawbone.

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The content of the book can be found here:

Table of Contents_Cavities Volume IV

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