We are pleased to inform you that we have overcome all necessary admission hurdles by the end of the year. Since January of this year we have been in the final development phase of the new CaviTAU® device. The last few weeks and months have been marked by the requirements of EU directives and other obligations from the Medical Law. By the end of the year, all official requirements have now been met. We are pleased to send you an image of the software interface.
What will happen in January 2020? At the same time we can send you further, following information regarding the further steps to the CaviTAU® device:
  1. CaviTAU® production starts: In the meantime, the fully functioning CaviTAU® device has been successfully tested in the practice clinic Dr. Lechner over a long BETA test. We can now proudly say that the device works and already exceeds all of our internal expectations. Series production of the device has started, so you can expect to buy the first devices in the first quarter of 2020.
  2. CaviTAU® web shop: An online shop is expected to be available in February 2020 to purchase the CaviTAU® device. In the future, you will then have the opportunity to easily obtain any consumables and / or device support via the online shop.
  3. Official marketing start: Since we are now in the final stages of the market launch, we will inform you in January 2020 about all other concrete points, such as
    1. Exact start of sales
    2. Retail price
    3. Possible product variants and accessories
    4. Training dates, etc …
  4. CaviTAU® Roadshow: We are currently planning so-called “devices / demonstrations” at events (e.g. DEGUZ annual meeting or GZM annual meeting). As soon as the exact dates have been set for these demo days, we will announce these “DEMO dates” on our CaviTAU® website or inform you trough out our CaviTAU® newsletter.
  5. ICOSIM special offer We can place another happy message for all ICOSIM members: All ICOSIM members will be considered for the purchase of the devices.
For anyone who is not yet a member, but still wants to become a member: Register here as an ICOSIM member.

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