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CAVITAU® – Imaging ultrasound measurement of jawbone density

The functionality of CaviTAU® relates to detecting and locating dental cavitations in jawbones using Through-Transmission Alveolar Ultrasonography (TAU). CaviTAU® generates an ultrasound pulse and passes the pulse through the jawbone. The pulse is detected and monitored subsequently by an ultrasound receiving unit. Attenuations of the amplitude of the pulse are indicative for pathological changes in the jawbone. The results are displayed on a color monitor, showing different colors according to different degrees of attenuation.

CaviTAU® is a measuring device for three-dimensional and X-ray-free depth diagnostics used by dentists

This kind of ultrasound representation of jaw regions allows the representation of areas of jaw inflammation with radiation-free diagnostics. Examinations that are carried out with CaviTAU® sonography devices indicate any inflammatory or degenerative jaw processes, provide reliable information on bone quality and are scientifically proven.

The reliable method of measuring bone density before using a dental implant makes the CaviTAU® sonography device a valuable companion in implantology. It makes a major contribution to avoiding negative implantology results from the outset.

CaviTAU® is a worldwide unique set of instruments in dental medicine which repeatedly reaches its limits with X-ray technology

Unhealed, old inflammations, for example after tooth extractions, often develop into areas of inflammation that are beyond the scope of X-ray diagnostics. In contrast to the ultrasound devices used in medicine, the sound waves of the CaviTAU® device only penetrate bones, but not soft tissue – healthy bones better than diseased, softened bones. The so-called NICO (Neuralgia Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis) can be reliably diagnosed.

CaviTAU® is a scientifically validated process, proven by extensive data from practice and laboratory

Numerous scientific studies prove the effectiveness and also the much more precise method for safe localization of Neurological Inducing Cavitational Osteonecrosis (NICO).

CaviTAU® is an indispensable tool for detecting chronic inflammation in all immunological system diseases

Not only the unrecognized bland jawbone osteopathy in kind of fatty osteolytic NICO-Osteonecrosis can become a systematically stress factor, but incompatible materials or drugs often lead to a derailment of the immune system and, in the long term, also to the development of NICO. Thus, of course, numerous immune diseases cannot be diagnosed using X-rays, but can be diagnosed using the CaviTAU® device.

Safe and easy to handle

It is an object of the new CaviTAU® to provide an apparatus and a method which is safer and easier to handle than the known Cavitat Ultrasonograph, so that without the need of a thorough and intensive training reproducible results can be obtained even by less experienced users.

More precise and more informative measurements

A further object of CaviTAU® is to enhance the sensitivity of the apparatus and of the method used, in order to get more precise and more informative measurements. Finally, an new object of CaviTAU® is the possibility of a fast and easy calibration. The foregoing objects have been achieved by a new construction of the measuring unit and by new ways to ensure good acoustical conductivity between the jawbone of the patient and the apparatus.

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